Latvian participants

Picture: I am that person who loves the nature very much, because there I charge myself up spiritually.

Age: 16

Hobbies: Volleyball, playing guitar, dancing, watching movies,  cycling and spending nice time with friends.

Future ambitions:I am not sure what I will do in my future …… J

Age: 16

Hobbies: dancing folk dances, playing volleyball, baking, travelling, spending time in nature, painting, riding a bike, exploring, listening music, spending time with my friends

About me: I’m active and friendly.  I’m interested in meeting new people and getting experience. I’m dancer since childhood. My friends say that I’m creative and kind to other people.

My motto:Smile and have fun!

Age: 16

Hobbies: dancing,listening music,reading books, watching movies and spending good time with friends.

My friends usually say that I am very creative and open person. I really like to meet new people and I like to work with them. I tend to plan everything and it helps me to stay organized especially when school ends and there is a lot of work. In school my favourite subjects are English, economics and commercial science.

Age: 16

Hobbies: listening music, watching movies,playing piano,playing volleyball,singing,helping(i am a  volunteer in Latvia,Jelgava) ,picture/video editing and making.

Future ambitions: In my plans is graduate highschool,university and maybe make my own bussines.I want to enjoy my life,try use all chances what my life gives to have an interesting experience and new friends.

My motto:When nothing goes right…go left.

Age: 16

Hobbies: running, playing volleyball (beach volleyball and indoor), playing street basketball (in summer), swimming (in summer), filmmaking.

Future ambitions: study something related with computer, IT specialist, something  combined with technology, travel around the world, most of all living life that I would remember…

Picture: as you can see, I’m a little bit nature obsessed.


Hobbies: pretending to play guitar while listening to rock, watching films and playing the piano.

About me: weirdly, but I’m an outgoing introvert. I tend to set my goals very high and work hard to achieve them. Usually very kind, smiley and generous (everyone knows I give away most of my food).



Hobbies:volleyball, singing, photography, cycling, traveling, drawing. I play the piano, classic guitar, bass guitar. I like to read books.

My motto:Diversity is interesting. Try everything and enjoy every moment.

I am really social, friendly, positive, creative person. I am looking for new adventures, experience, knowledge. This project is a really nice chance to develop.


About me: I’m a creative thinker. I love art and everything about it. Also I play the guitar and dance.  I smile probable all the time, even it’s not the right time (I’m not crazy, just a positive person).  I am the person who loves everything and everyone (and cats)…when I’m in the good mood.

I am really social, friendly, positive, creative person. I am looking for new adventures, experience, knowledge. This project is a really nice chance to develop.

My motto:Rise and shine!


About me:I am very patriotic girl.I really love and I appreciate my school,city and country.I like walking in free nature, travelling and spending good time with my family.I really like books,theartre and music.

My motto:It’s never too late to start again.

Age :16

Hobbies: math club, street dancing, playing the accordion and piano, reading, yoga, majoring in forestry, handicrafts.

I’m an ice cream dependent life-form. A person of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by my mystery. I’m just another paper cut survivor.. Also I believe that you should always give your 100%, unless you’re donating blood.


Hobbies: math club , street dancing, playing accordion, drowning.

I believe that abilities should be use for humanity. I have a great sense of responsibility and duty . With a smile and a good attitude you can achieve anything.


Hobbies: jet-ski, gymnastics on horseback ,playing volleyball, photograph, spending time with friends.

I’m friendly and always open to try something new !

Age: 17

Hobbies: Playing drums, listening 80’s music and Carpentry

Work experience: I have be owner of student company for 2 years, and I participated in Central Baltic Enterprise without Borders program.

Future ambitions: Go to university, probably, study something that is related with business. Create my own business. And build a house.

Age: 16

Hobbies: BMX racing, snovboarding, playing volleyball, a real adrenaline junkie. Also like komercial science and economics.

Achievements: 2x BMX national vice-champion(2015.-2016.). Made a Students Company, and made it to the ‘’TITAN” economic game’s national final.

Motto: Losing is not an option.

Age: 16

Hobbies:  Light athletics, playing basketball (whenever I can), football, bike riding with friends, computer gaming and listening to music.

Future ambitions: decide my future job then graduate from university, travel a round the world.

Age: 16

Hobbies:  Playing volleyball in Jelgava’s Regional Sports Centre, team leader in Jelgava’s U-17 and U-19 volleyball teams, I’m also playing volleyball in Latvian national volleyball league 2nd division.

Future ambitions: Hoping to attend Latvian University of Agriculture economics faculty and continuing to play volleyball but in higher level.