Icelandic participants

Age: 16
Course of study: Social studies
Interests and hobbies: All kinds of art! Designing, drawing, photography, music, playing the piano, fashion and writing. I love traveling and I have a deep love for nature so I’m interested in ecological, as well as humanitarian matters.
Work experience: I work at a guesthouse, both by preparing rooms and in the reception. Other than that I take waitress shifts and work at my parents’ farm zoo.
Future work expectations: I hope to bring together most of the things I’m passionate about. Human rights are the subject closest to my heart and I will pursue working in that field. As for university, I would like to study either anthropology or psychology.
However, it’s hard for me to imagine a life without doing some creative things. Therefore I will most likely end up satisfying my need for art as well. Overall I want to travel loads and loads in the future.

Svandís Perla Snæbjörnsdóttir
16 years old.
Interests or hobby: I have interest in cooking and taking care of animals
Work experience: I have worked on my mother’s farm since I was little.
Future plans: I want to work as a cook.

Age: 16
Interests or hobby: SAR (Search and rescue Iceland)
Work experience: Worked at a restaurant
Future plans: I want to be a chef or a helicopter man in the icelandic coast guard

16 years old.
Interests or hobby: My interests include all kinds of design, architecture, interior design, clothing design and drawing both on paper and faces (makeup). I love listening to music, all kind of music of course!

I have worked in my fathers company now for about three years. He has a contractor company so we make concrete, take care of all kinds of ground work and also rent out excavators and all this sort of stuff.

In the future I want to take over the company along with my cousins because this will be the biggest thing our fathers will leave behind. I want to learn business management and along with that I want to be a architect!

Age: 16
Course of study: college coures
Interests or hobby:: Car mecanic
Work experience: Developer at family company
What would you like to work with in the future? Developer and boss of the family company

Age: 15

Interests and hobbies: Being with friends and family. I love to sing and also motocross.

Work experience: I have worked at a hotel, babysitting and now I work in the supermarket.

Future plans:  I want to be an actress

Age: 15

Interest and hobbies: Motocross and Snowboarding.

Work experience: Worked for a contractor.

Future plans: Engineer.

Age: 15.

Iterests or hobbies: I love to go fishing, Baking, PC games and some times I like to put Legos togeather

Work experience: I have worked for the town but now i am working at a hotel.

Future plans: I would love to work with either YouTube or sea fishing.

Age 15

Intrests and hobbys: History, computer games and traveling in iceland.

I have worked at a hardwere and autoparts shop.

I would like to learn to be an electrician.