Transnational meeting in Estonia 10.-11.11.16


Thomas Kyriazis
Eleni Avdelidou
Eyjólfur Guðmundsson
Sigurður Mar Halldórsson
Elina Edole
Inta Jorniņa
Catia Multari
Katia Vigilante
Phil Mills
Henton Figueroa
Kersti Vana
Krista Savtisch

Slides of the meeting

Mindmap of the project

Local company visits

Each partner finds local company to visit. Company should be relevant to local culture.


Can we increase the number of students? If families can host students, we can increase, as it needs to be fair “exchange” style. Increasing beyond budget requires self-funding.

Kersti asked Estonian Agency is it possible to use accomodation budget instead for travel and they answered that it possible. But we need to calculate all expenses ( bus transport, eating, museum tickets etc) we need for mobilities.


How to carry out research on local enterprises? Need standard method for gathering info. When students get together they must present their research (video, PP etc). Research should be done already within this school year.



Investigate possibility for combined Latvia/Estonia visit, as just 100 mobilities were available to use and we thought we need one extra teachers mobility to learn and create eBook.

23rd -27th January 2017 first student mobility to Italy. 05 – 07 April 2017 Short-term staff training to Estonia. 24th- 28th April 2017 student mobility to Greece

Sept (second half of month) 2017 students mobility to Iceland April (March) 2018 students mobility to Latvia

Second transnational time 2nd week May 2018? country Italy or Iceland?


  • Correspondent/reporter of the project – Italy – photos etc
  • Making a students ‘ booklet about international small businesses – eBook Latvia
  • Each time one country prepares a lecture about a topic they would like to share. In Italy – Latvia prepares topic “How to encourage students to form students businesses” (or smth like that)


We agreed that we will use a shared calendar to track responsibilities and mark dates for activities. Calendar will be in Google. It’s already created and waiting for all partners to provide their g-mail addresses. Please send them by this Friday Nov 18th.


Greece prepares evaluation questions by Monday 21st Nov. We can do it using Google Forms or similar internet based solution.

E- Course

During Italy mobility we will decide which topic each country takes . For that please share your suggestions in FB group (Iceland and Estonia have done it). Each country prepares source materials for creating the e- course by April (teachers mobility). Please bring the materials with you to Estonia.

We need to decide which platform we are going to use for the e- course. Needs to be independant of any school, so that the site will remain after the project ends.

Materials must remain available after the project for other schools to use – how long?


  • Every school sends a profile about its school by the end of November to Siggi
  • Kersti sends the project profile by the end of
  • By January 15 schools send profiles of students – approx 12(+/-) who will be involved into this