Sunday 22nd.01.2017
Arrival of European partners in Lioni and accommodation at hotel and families.

Monday 23rd.01.2017
09:00 – Welcome of the headmaster, Mr. Sergio Siciliano and of the project staff.

Visit of the school. (Teachers)

Ice-breaking activities (sport and more) for students.

Welcome Coffee break at Vanvitelli Catering and Hotel management school.

10:30 – Short welcome of local representatives of the community;  Presentation of partners, video, photos, every country prepares a traditional dance or song.

13:30 – Lunch prepared by students of I.I.S.S. “L. Vanvitelli”

16:30 – Guided Tour of old castles and towers of the surroundings

19.30 – Dinner in a typical restaurant (Teachers)

Tuesday 24th.01.2017

09.00 – Visit of a local firm, ACCASOFTWARE

12.00 – Lunch at catering school

14.00 – Workshop for the students: composition of groups, starting the ideas.

14.00 – Meeting for teachers about the project

16.30 – Free time

19.30 – Dinner in a typical restaurant (Teachers)

Wednesday 25th.01.2017

09:00 – Departure for Paestum, visit of temples and National archaeological museum.

13:00 – Packed lunch (pupils)

15:00 – Departure for Salerno, visit of the town and the works of art “Luci d’artista”, spectacular Christmas lights.

20:00 – Arrival to Lioni

Thursday 26th.01.2017

09:30 – Workshop for the students: carrying on with the ideas.

12:30 – Lunch

15:30 – Visit of a local winery

17.30 – Visit of a olive oil mill

19.30 – Dinner in a typical restaurant (Teachers)

Friday 27th.01.2017

09:00 – Pupils split in groups: showing their entrepreneurial ideas.

13:00 – Lunch offered at Vanvitelli Catering and Hotel management school.

Conclusion of the project: evaluation activities, delivery of certificates.

17:00 – Free time

20:00 – Dinner (Teachers)

Saturday 28th.01.2017
Departure of partners