Iceland visit 24. – 30. September 2017

  • Student groups worked on marketing and finished design of their products
  • Sustainable approach was added to the student companies
  • Market place in Riga is Saturday 10. March 2018. Program is 6. – 11. March.
  • Work 10-13 on the Sunday 11. March.


  • At least 10 items of every product made for the student fair in Latvia
  • Latvia will create an e-booklet introducing student businesses
  • E-Courses have to be fixed and made accessable for students and teachers
  • Every countries create videos from powerpoints
  • Collect all the videos on the local enterprices.
  • Teachers participating in the e-course meeting.
  • Names of the students going to Latvia before end of January
  • Before 7. October 2017: Number of teachers and wishes for hotel rooms, single/double
  • Month before Latvia visit: Write a list of things student companies need for the fair.
  • Month before Latvia visit: Every country prepairs application for Europass for all students and
  • Rocco creates a Google account to collect all the photos from the visit
  • Look forward to the Latvia visit