During the visit students went to different local companies, worked for the Fair and made
materials for stands, took participation in final video, made description of the student
companies, took participation in the Fair.

  • During the visit, we decided not to make EUROPASS for each participants but till the end
    of the visit Kersti will make Certificate for each school with the names of the students and
    teachers. This will be the improvement of formal and informal education during the project.
  • During the visit Rocco and Siggi is going to make the video about the student companies. We
    discuss about the storyboard and the students prepare the speach about the companies and
    their products. Video should be ready till 6th of May
  • During the April all description of the companies should be ready and sent to Inta or Ritma.
  • All the products should be put in the project’s homepage (photoes, presentations,
    descriptions of the companies, videos etc.). Share the information with Sigi.

• Phil has to have all administration rights. It means that each country have to send all
necessary information to Phill;
• everyone should check the copyrights;
• till the meeting in Italy, every country should try at least one e-course (not the own)
with some students.

➢ Meeting in Italy – May 7-9, arriving in 6th of May
➢ Start working on the new project about cultural heritage. Information for the application
form must be send to Kersti till 20th of March.