1.  Webpage
  • Put Roccos video to the front page
  • Delete the link “about the project”
  • Add the link “e-courses. add page with instruction for teacher how to use (see e-course section below)
  • Add the link “Student companies. Each company has a page with information about the company and  its product, Document from Ritma and Inta
  • add to  the link “Mobilities” Memo,Programme, Videos from local enterprises and photos from the visit
  1. Mobility Tool
  • everyone fills Mobility Tool by the end of June
  • to send publications written by the partner by June 1st (webpage notice- title, date, link; article in the local newspaper- title, date, link etc)
  • lists of participants- Kersti opens for every Mobility a list, fills up with the information, shares these with the partners hat check the information, signature should be written in blue ink. Estonia sends the lists to Iceland, that sends to Latvia, that sends to Greece, that sends to Italy, that sends again to Estonia. NB lists should be scanned in colour
  1. Video  names of the students must be updated, Tabasalu Gymnasium- please change Tabasalu Ühisgümnaasium, Greece – 2nd EPAL TRIKALON, change name to Jānis Kļaviņš (Latvia, Greclavia), Siki sent to Rocco the correct names of Iceland students


  1. E-course 
  • each school test its own e-course with a student (or a teacher using student account)
  • make any needed adjustments using feedback from the student
  • every country e-course must be tested and ready by 15th June
  • Phil writes instruction how to use the ecourse akong with links to each course, Siggi will add to webpage
  1. Summary of the students’companies
  • check the information about the description of companies till the end of May. Ritma will put it in Google Drive of our STONE platform.It comes up in 15th of May