Our product consists of two sweets, both of which have deep cultural ties to Italy and Greece. One is chocolate with a hard chocolate shell and a soft buttery inside. The other is sweet bergamot  which is similar to marmalade but is mostly used with coffee, ice cream, yogurt or even liqueurs.

The team:

Alessia Di Paolo, Italy
Chiara Barbone, Italy
Francesco Perrotta, Italy
Desirée Della Vecchia, Italy
Manuel Russomanno, Italy
Maria Georgia Gkantziou, Greece
Christos Mpampouris, Greece
Dragoutsou Paraskevi, Greece
Koris Dimitrios, Greece
Guðjón Vilberg Sigurbjörnsson, Iceland
HafsteinnElvarAðalsteinsson, Iceland
ÍvarKristinsson, Iceland

Hopa tabula