We visited 2 companies: ACCASOFTWARE and Villa RAIANO Winery on 26th January.
Students discussed what they saw. In our last meeting (without Greece and Iceland) we decided that
every students’ team will fill a short report about the visits, supportive key words will be shared on
students’ facebook community. Supportive keywords
• What is the name of the company.
• What is the product
• How big is the company
• What professions/who work there
• Some interesting facts you remember
Deadline for report: 15th February.
By April every country has visited at least 2 companies and then by 15th April the
presentation of visits must be finished. It could be either pp, short videos, photos etc..
The duration should be not more than 3 minutes, it should be interesting to watch and easy
to understand.
The presentations will be introduced in Greece during the meeting in April and gives input
for the e-book Italy has to compile.
In the e-book there will be extra sheets from the local companies visits selected among
students reports in the international groups.

Investigate possibility for students’ visit to Estonia from 3rd
to 7th April (during e-course) for:
– Company visit
– Learning day on entrepreneurship and
Let’s decide in Greece.
The hosting country organizes the visit and the activities according to the responsibilities. Before
the mobility, partners will discuss all the activities and if needed how to organize them on the fb
During the mobility, every day in the morning we’ll have a briefing.
We need to teach students the main things about organizing
businesses or maybe we decide one specific topic and Greece organizes a lecture on: how to make
a web page, how to use social media for marketing, elevator talk, etc.. We’ll discuss on fb group.
In Estonia (for students), we can organize a lecture how to compile a business plan.
Does google calendar works?
Greece prepares evaluation by 2nd February
Teachers of economics will choose by 1st March topics about e course. Kersti opens a discussion in
FB. Please ask your economy teachers to join this discussion.
Countries update students and teachers files on the web page.
N.B. Photo is compulsory.
Fb group for students and teachers was created and named StoNe. Every coordinator of the country
invites teachers and students to join the group.
However, the teachers group is the one used to discuss agreements or topics about the activities to
carry on among teachers.
Every international group has 2- better 3 nationalities. Even better when “south and north is mixed”
Every group works out a business idea by April and even better is able to introduce a prototype in
There are 3 strategies distriputing tasks within a group
Things to do till Greece
Mobility meeting in Iceland
To support students to work out a product, they could first write a business plan answering to these
1. Whart is my product? What kind it is (colour, material etc)? Is it a thing or service?
2. How will we produce it (who has skills/buy /handmade/cook etc)
3. Who will buy our product? (target, market)
4. How will we sell it? (stend, look, package etc)
5. How much will it cost?
6. Info about a business team
May be it will be the task of all groups, then the deadline will be April 1 st